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IP Telephony

Bittel Electronics Co. Ltd. is the world leading manufacturer for hotel telephones and other terminal products for the hospitality industry. Founded in 1989, with more than 20 years experience in developing, manufacturing and Sales, Bittel has been awarded the ISO 9001 and ISO 140001 certificates, and owns the ability to produce 5 million telephone sets per year.

Specializing in Hospitality Phones/VoIP phones, Connectivity Panels, Room Management System, and Interactive IPTV system. Bittel has set up the sales offices in San Jose, Singapore, London, Dubai, Beijing and Shanghai to serve the customers globally.

Pro-AVLC Systems

(Audio, Video, Lighting, Control)

With the advancement of technology, Pro-AV integration has become more crucial than ever. AV systems are not only used to attract customers, they also engage the content’s recipients and facilitate immersion.

Pro-AV comprises numerous components such as audio components, display components, computers, room schedulers, cameras, digital whiteboards, digital signages, and other supporting accessories. It finds applications in various sectors including hospitality, education, retail, government, and many more.

Depending on the application of each specific environment, operations fluidity and stability are paramount. Enhancing workflow efficiency and streamlining processes – the show must go on.


About Dakomm

We specialize in both supply and installation, system integration, and infrastructural solutions for existing or new sites. Working closely with selected experienced partners and suppliers, we provide services based on a cost and application efficient methodology.

DaKomm is the Authorized Distributor of Bittel products.

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Propose, supply and delivery of goods based on requirements.


Provision of telephony and AV/IT infrastructural services.


Holistic solutions for products and services factoring in system integration when needed.


Pre-sales and post-sales support with the future in mind.

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